Bellagio Las Vegas needed a new film to promote it's most legendary resident act, "O" by Cirque du Soleil. The challenge was to find a novel perspective from which to film a twenty-year-old show that has been shot thousands of times from every angle imaginable. We decided to steal a glimpse from behind the curtain and film two stories that reveal the technical, artistic and emotional inner-workings of the show.

We filmed four performances, from dozens of unlikely locations — on catwalks in the rafters above the theater, beneath the stage through the glass walls of the 1.5-million gallon pool, and from the first-person perspective of an audience member in the front row. For the behind-the-scenes piece, we organized choreographed dress rehearsals with synchronized swimmers to focus in on a specific moment of the show. This allowed us to play with time, to stretch it out and give people a vision of "O" they wouldn't otherwise have access to.

CLIENT: Cirque du Soleil, Bellagio Las Vegas
SOUND MIX & DESIGN: Jeremiah Moore

Under the Water at "O"

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