When JustAnswer rebranded to, the company needed a way to communicate it's new brand values. The company's core service, connecting people with real experts in real-time, had to be articulated in a simple, caring way. Operating in an agile startup environment, needed high-quality stories produced in an efficient, budget-friendly manner.

LFF designed a series of customer stories from end-to-end, from gathering customer testimonials to supervising the composition of's audio signature at the end of each video. The process involved setting up a survey strategy via an email campaign to collect customer testimonials. We then sifted through the data to find customers within 2 hours of the companies' headquarters - an economical travel distance for the crew. We shortlisted a dozen or so customers and did pre-interviews to gauge their interest, determine the value of their stories to the brand, and to judge how articulate they would be in front of the camera. Then came scheduling, filming, and post-production.

CLIENT: (formerly known as JustAnswer)

Erin & Chris B.
"I felt like someone was right in my living room with me, telling me what keys to press."

Gina & Dr. Loretta
"It seemed like she really cared, like I could just tell her anything and she was going to listen."

Barbara & Glenda B.
"She responded promptly, answered questions I had thoroughly and explained the research she did."