Las Vegas is world famous for hotels, clubs and casinos. It is also home to some of the world's most renowned chefs and fine-dining. In order to educate international travelers about Las Vegas' burgeoning culinary scene, we were asked to highlight a culinary exchange between chefs from Las Vegas, Brazil and Australia. Filming spanned multiple continents and languages. Tudo bem? She'll be right, mate! 

We followed Brazilian chef Bel Coelho from São Paulo to Las Vegas, where we saw her draw inspiration for a dessert from the desert geology of Red Rock Canyon and in the kitchen of seafood master chef Rick Moonen. And we chronicled chef Roy Ellamar, as he crafted a menu for Australians at Sydney Harbor inspired by his farm-to-table concept Harvest by Roy Ellamar, which sources organic greens from Blue Lizard Farm 150 miles north of Vegas.


Culinary Exchange with Bel Coelho

Culinary Exchange with Chef Roy Ellamar